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Kwyn Marie

dark fantasy author
Website for Kwyn Marie, who illustrates under Shanda Nelson

Lapis of Nicodem

dark/science fantasy serial
For eight years, Lapis has sought to bring the rebel traitor to justice. Her chance dwindles due to rebel politics and outside influences who do not care who gets in the way in their search for wealth.

Read Book 1 and Book 2 at World Anvil Manuscripts

The Wellspring Dragons

dark fantasy series
Knowledge lights the way for Shiobe and Sikode as they seek to master a legendary dragon. Not everyone wishes them well on this journey, and ex-friends and sylf-blessed bloodmages interfere every chance they get.

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dark fantasy serial
How far would you go, to Redeem the Unredeemable? Vantra, a Finder, poorly selects her first Candidate for Redemption, and battles friend and foe to succeed where all others have failed: Redeeming the evil Captain Laken.

Read Evenacht: Snake’s Den at World Anvil Manuscripts

Writings from the Shadow’s Edge

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