Supporting Artists

I created a Ko-Fi account, for readers who wish to support my writing and art. I read numerous articles about different income streams for independent writers and artists, and I decided that buying me a cup of Ko-Fi would work best.

There are several reasons for this, but the number one issue, and the one I hold dearest, has to do with the amount of money fans might be able to give. I would like all the people who enjoy my work to enjoy my work, rather than cater to those who can afford special consideration. I know what it’s like, to not have a lot of money, and I don’t feel those without the means should be left out.

I’ve also read about the time it takes to create all this exclusive content. It’s nice for super-fans, but when one spends most of their time creating this content instead of doing what they love, I feel that’s a loss.

I’m not someone who would do well in a tier support environment. It works well for some, but for me? I would hate having to come up with tailored content every month at the expense of other projects. I have no objection to special giveaways and such, but trying to come up with something, over and over again, that equals a particular donation amount seems daunting and unrewarding.

I am just starting out, and it will take years to grow my audience. So buy me a Ko-Fi! Every little bit helps!

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