To Kindle Select or No

I have been back and forth with myself, wondering whether I should chose to list my books solely on Amazon for the next three months, or attempt a wider distribution. I decided I wanted all versions of Shiobe Rising and Trouble in Tindrel to be available on the go live date, so I opted not to join Kindle Direct Publishing Select.

Many authors are part of the KDP Select program. They are paid for each page read, and since KDP Select items are automatically put in the Kindle borrowing library as well, a writer with lots of books and/or pages can make some decent money. It’s a great way to get yourself out there and visible to potential readers, and one can get several reviews that way. The catch, of course, is that you can only sell your book on Amazon.

Not only is the place you can sell your book limited, you cannot give the digital version of your book away on your website and you cannot have an advertising excerpt of more than 10% of the book. Many authors have no problems with this, and happily use Amazon as their sole seller. I read the rules and regs, and decided that I preferred to have my book available to a wider selection of sellers.

I still wonder, though, whether I should have chosen differently, especially where reviews are concerned. As a brand-new author, I have little visibility and name recognition. Being a KDP Select author would give me a boost in that regard, and garner more reviews.

Part of the reason I chose a broader distribution, is the fact that other retailers have a significant share of the ebook market, even if Amazon leads the way. I will have access to a larger reader base, even if I initially attract them more slowly. I won’t have to worry about my promotional materials infringing on the exclusivity of my book (a worry, considering I’m using some of the artwork in my book trailer). And while it is only a three month commitment, being tied down to a service that might not work as expected is worrisome.

There’s no right or wrong answer. I wish there were–it would make publishing a bit easier! Ultimately, do what’s right for you as an author.

Shiobe Rising: Wellspring Dragons Book 1 and Trouble in Tindrel: Wellspring Dragons Book 2, will be available on August 8th! Check out the first chapter at

And, if you’re so inclined, buy me a Ko-fi!

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