My Books Are Live!

Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1 and Trouble in Tindrel: Wellspring Dragons Book 2, are available in the Kindle Store. Both books are listed on Barnes and Noble, but the listing isn’t active quite yet.

A very exciting day for me! I’m now a published author. It seems unreal, but truthfully, nothing feels different. My books are now live instead of available for pre-order. The real nerve-wracking action was pressing submit book on Amazon for the first time. I’m still a little nervous, mainly because the files are a bit large due to the illustrated chapter headings. I’ve read reviews where the reviewer is very upset over the large file size of certain books, so that’s something I’m certain I’ll hear about, eventually.

Since I have a series planned, I’m already hard at work on Book 3, The Glass Volcano. I’m also working on the trailer for the books and marketing right now, which is taking up a lot of time. I am editing other projects for my World Anvil site, but I’m uncertain when they will be up.

If you like my books, The Wellsprings Dragons site has more information about the characters and the world. And, if you’re so inclined, Buy me a Ko-fi!

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