What I Do Between Books

I have just started my indie author career, but that does not mean I’m rushing to get all of my work published as soon as possible. I have a schedule, and I plan to keep it.

I just published Shiobe Rising and Trouble in Tindrel, and while I am hard at work on the third and fourth books in The Wellspring Dragons Series, I’m also planning to write a serial and get some non-Wellspring artwork posted. World Anvil has a new Manuscripts format for guild members that allows authors to publish stories, as novels or serials, and comics (I’m excited about the comics aspect, but I have no idea if I can produce an issue fast enough to make it viable).

I’m eager to write the serial. It follows the adventures of Lapis, whose story I first created in high school, and who has seen many, many changes over the years. It began as a revenge tale, but has morphed into a strange medieval fantasy meets tech and how advanced cultures turn their backs on the abuses of conquered territories when it keeps their power intact.

The comic is a bit more involved, because I draw slow. I’ve always wanted to create one, however; a lot of my high school work is the beginnings of comic books, inspired by Elfquest and Dragonsong.

(Early high school work of mine.)

All this work keeps me very busy. It also keeps me from looking at the publishing schedule and wondering if I shouldn’t just bump the date up a month or two. It’s so exciting, for an author to get their stuff out there for fans to read, but it’s also important to stick to a schedule. It can help authors meet their expectations and obligations without additional stress. Short stories or additional artwork can give people something to consume while waiting for larger works.

And, of course, there’s the marketing šŸ˜’

Buy Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1 and Trouble in Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2, at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Check out the book trailer, The Wellspring Dragons site, and buy me a Kofi if you like what you see and read!

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