NaNoWriMo: An Update

So far, I have written around 23,000 words in November, which includes sparse writing days around the US election. Nervousness can infect creativity and bring it to a standstill, but I persevered. I have finished, but am beefing up, the next chapter in Lapis of Nicodem (LoN) serial, while working on chapters 15, 16 and 17 of The Glass Volcano.

Since creativity took a bit of a dive, I ended up creating wallpapers for LoN, and building a Kofi WIP gallery for The Glass Volcano. I finished a song that I intended to be the theme song for my character Sikode, but it’s far too . . . nice, to be that. It sounds more soft, romantic, so it’s probably going to represent the romance between Sikode and Shiobe. My husband, whose music project is Modulo Torsion, said he rarely manages a song that he purposefully wants to sound a certain way. He’ll want a harsh song, and it will turn out softer. He’ll want something fast, and all the drums sound awkward. He suggested I just create, and then see where that song might fit into my Wellspring world. I can’t say I’m a grand songwriter, so that’s probably what I’ll do. I want to be a stompy industrial dance creator, but what I end up with is more along the classical and folky lines of my cello and whistles and recorders. I do like the theme I came up with, so I probably will expand on that.

How’s your #NaNoWriMo going? Hope you are enjoying it as much as me!


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