New Whistles!

I create music for my book worlds. This has been a slow process, because while I’ve played cello for years, and now play whistles and recorders, writing music is different and somewhat difficult for me. I never get anything to sound how I originally picture it (me: listen to my new song! hubby: I like it, but I thought you wanted a stompy song. me: I tried. hubby: it sounds like a Zelda song. me: 😒).

But I’m still at it, and these two pretty whistles are now part of my instrument collection. They are Optima Cobre high whistles in D and C from Kerry Whistles. They were billed as loud and sweet, and live up to that! It’s nice to play a whistle where the transition between the two octaves is smooth; many of my other ones have a hitch to them during the transition that I’ve never managed to completely get rid of (those whistles are also cheaper whistles, like Acorn, Oak, and Generation). I’m also very impressed with how little air it takes to play these Cobre whistles. I’m asthmatic, and the less air I need, the better for me. It’s so easy, to hit the higher notes in the second octave!

I just got them, so I haven’t played them enough to know if there are clogging issues, so I’ll have to wait to see on that. But so far, they’re great! Considering some of the other whistles that I like the sound of are pretty spendy (Carbony) or are backordered for a year (Chris Wall), this was a great option, and I’m happy with them!

Now I get to decide whether I really do need a harp for Christmas. Aren’t cellos and whistles and recorders and software synths enough? I do have a keyboard, too, I suppose, but no real interest in learning how to properly play it (I use it for melodies, played on one hand. I will never be the player in front of an orchestra, producing lavish music. I don’t especially like the feel of piano keys, so keyboard instruments are not something I like playing).

And now, back to the regularly scheduled #Nanowrimo2020 writing. I’ve reached 35,000 words; we’ll see what the end result is!


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