Plans for 2021

Time to look to the future (though, y’all have to admit, no one anticipated 2020 going down in that fashion). I have plans!

I will continue to release a bi-weekly chapter for my Lapis of Nicodem serial at World Anvil. It’s a dark fantasy where the lead character, Lapis, has spent the last eight years training to get revenge on the rebel traitor who helped murder her family, but might not be able to accomplish her promise. It’s turned out far darker than I originally planned, and it was dark to begin with.

I am editing the third book in The Wellspring Dragons series, The Glass Volcano. I plan to release it Summer 2021. If I’m really ambitious, I might try to release the 4th book sometime later in the year (it, too, is in the editing stage, though I need to draw pics for both of them and that takes me a long time).

I’ll continue adding to the world wikis for both LoN and Wellspring. This includes writing articles and completing artwork to go with them.

I want to create more music for both the LoN and Wellspring worlds. It adds to the feel of them. I’m no great composer, but hopefully I improve as time goes on.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I would like to start producing “How-to” videos, focusing on World Anvil, maybe say something about Artbreeder and how I make art using Adobe products (though, after yet another slow-ass update for Photoshop, I might have to ditch that until a stable version is released. My desktop is an Alienware Aurora R9. It’s not a slow machine. A couple-second lag when drawing a line is annoying and ten to fifteen seconds to preview a change is ludicrous. I had to go back three updates to get to a point my laptop could function with the program).

Things I would like to do:

  • I’ve written for my whole life. I may not have published until 2020, but I’ve written story after story, starting when I was 11. I have a lot of work that’s ready for editing. I might work on one of these other stories and get it ready for publication. How many stories should one work on at once? Heh, no idea.
  • Get better at landscapes. I want them to look like the watercolor-y images that are part of the load screens in Elder Scrolls online. Not necessarily photo-realistic, but concept-like.
  • Maybe draw a manga. My drawing is slow, so this probably won’t happen.
  • Get better at marketing. How will I do that? Maybe do the new Amazon add set-up after I get my third book out there.
  • Create paperback versions of my Wellspring series.
  • Maybe start merchandising.

That’s a lot for one year. It’s pretty centered on creating, but the truth is, I don’t want to ruin that part of me by focusing on marketing so much I end up hating it all. I find absolutely no joy in advertising, and social media is mainly me interacting with people who don’t care about my work. It’s kinda a drag.

And on that Happy Note, hoping everyone has a wondrous year.

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