Tech Aggravations

There are times where I spend days trying to find the answer to tech questions. Contacting tech support is normally a useless gesture, since I’m told that 1) I’ve done something wrong and 2) if I’ve restarted my computer and that didn’t fix the problem, see #1.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending several hours trying to figure out tech questions. I thought I’d mention them here, in case someone else is searching for the answer.

The first concerns Clip Studio Paint. Whenever I tried to put a 3D model into my document, the program would crash. I had read the manual, watched videos on YouTube, and knew how it was supposed to work. Click and drag the body type over to the page, and release.

It never worked.

So I began to search for a reason why the app refused to function properly. “Update your graphics driver.” Duh, I have to keep them up to date to have a chance in hell of Adobe products working. “Your computer isn’t new enough/powerful enough.” I have an Alienware desktop and a mid-range Asus gaming laptop. That’s not the problem. “You need to rebuild your materials.”

This annoyed me, because following the explanation on how to do that through Clip Studio’s help menu/forum as well as on blogs/Reddit did not work. Why? The place they said to look didn’t exist. The name’s been changed, to something I never would have thought would rebuild anything (it’s Settings, Maintenance Menu, Organize Materials). Annoying, but whatever. It still didn’t solve my 3D model problem.

“Run as Administrator” didn’t work, either.

Three days later I happened upon a random Reddit threat discussing this issue–and found the answer. A reply to a poster with this exact problem said they needed to use their primary monitor to get the 3D to work. That’s right, if you run 2 or 3 monitors, you need to move CSP to your #1 monitor, drop the body type/object onto the page from there, and then you can move the program back to the screen you work on (for me, that’s my pen display). I tried it out, kept the app on my main monitor until I had the pose I wanted, then switched it to my pen display for outlining, etc.

That’s right, if you don’t drag and drop the 3D model using your primary monitor, the app crashes. What a stupid bug. This has to be something Celsys knows about. Why don’t they make the answer simpler to find?

The second concerns Huion pen displays. If you open a program and realize that, instead of the pen moving the cursor on the pen display, it is moving it across your main monitor, open the “Huion Tablet” app and select Run as Administrator. The button should be on the front screen, on the bottom menu.

Once this button is pressed, you can use the pen in the app you opened on the pen display. This happens to me with Photoshop all the time. It’s worth noting.

Ah, tech. So aggravating, and so central to life nowadays.

featured image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


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