Ambercaast Chapter 11: Invitations is Live

Read Ambercaast Chapter 11: Invitations here.

Lapis is shocked when the Black Hats declare they want to speak to her partner, Aethon. Aethon is Patch’s pre-rebel name, and no one outside a select few knows that–including the enemy, who don’t put two-and-two together concerning him. Instead, the skyshroud’s leadcommander wants a personal meeting with her to discuss matters. She would rather wade through testy teenage rat moodiness and rebel intrigue than suffer through a Dentherion interrogation. Lucky for her, Patch has a better idea on how to spend an evening.

Lapis of Nicodem turns 1 on October 2! Has it been that long? Wow.

Within the next six months or so, I plan to have the audio version of Lapis of Nicodem available. We’ll see how fast I get at editing audio clips. Why not check out my article on The Night Market, which is playing a more pivotable role in the series than I originally intended.

Take care, y’all.


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