Ambercaast Chapter 13: Sweet Luck is Live

Ambercaast Chapter 13: Sweet Luck is now Live! Celebration of 1 year of Lapis of Nicodem storytelling!

That’s right, the Lapis of Nicodem serial began Oct. 2, 2020–and oddly, this chapter lined up with the date I chose for Lapis’s birthday. An accident, but Happy Birthday! Thank you to all readers who follow Lapis’s exploits. I deeply appreciate the support, and I will continue to entertain you during the next year 🙂 And thank you to World Anvil, for providing a great place I can run my serial and house its world.

Summary: Faelan asks Lapis to delve into the identity of the chasers Requet is searching for, including one whose patron has staked him for death. Guard Superior Fyor also wants to chat, which, luckily enough, leads Lapis to Danaea’s partner, Thyden–a man no one would guess worked with a dangerous chaser.


Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1 and Trouble in TindrelThe Wellspring are available in Kindle format. Lapis of Nicodem, a serialized dark fantasy, is available for free at World Anvil. Follow me, Kwyn Marie, on Facebook and Instagram. Check out my author website, and the Wellspring Dragons book site as well as the Lapis of Nicodem book site. And if you like what you see, buy me a KoFi!

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