Kwyn Marie and Shanda Nelson are one and the same person; Kwyn Marie is her pen name for writing, while she illustrates under her own. 

Kwyn Marie began writing and drawing after she picked up her first fantasy comic at age eleven. Ever since, she has put pen to paper (nowadays, fingers to keys and pen to pen display) and created. Fantasy fiction is her passion, with a bit of sci-fi thrown into a couple of tales. Her current works include The Wellspring Dragons series, and the Lapis of Nicodem and Evenacht bi-weekly serials.

She loves video games, and normally plays sandbox RPGs and action/adventure titles. She plays cello, recorder and tin whistle, and listens to goth/industrial/EBM and related genres (once upon a time, she was a goth/industrial DJ).

She has degrees in English and Art History, and a Master of Library and Information Science. She now writes full-time in sunny SoCal.

  • She writes dark fantasy, science fantasy and science fiction
  • She draws dark fantasy, science fantasy and science fiction
  • All illustrations going forwards will be done by hand, using art programs like Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint. NO AI.
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