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  • Ambercaast Chapter 28 is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 28: A Sequence of Unlucky Escapes is Live! And so is the Epilogue; yes, Ambercaast has drawn to a close. But never fear, Lapis and co continue their adventures in Knavish Canto, the first chapter of which will go live on Friday, May 13. Lapis is certain things are drawing to a close […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 27: Peek of Dawn is Live!

    Check out Chapter 27 here. Lapis, Patch, Brander and Dagby rush to prevent the evacuation of the coder and retrieve the khentauree research they flee with. Oddly, the markweza is not part of the flight, and more information about who and what underpins the events at Ambercaast comes to light through him. Chapter 27 is […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 25: Haunted by Ghost is Live!

    Read here. Lapis and Brander are separated from Linz and Sanna by enemy fire and are forced to find a hiding spot–and the enemy, in turn, is obliterated by an unknown force. Ghost? If so, his attack injured Sanna, and he’s heading towards the pool–and Rin and Tovi. Lapis must race to rescue the teens […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 22: Push and Pull is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 22: Push and Pull is Live! Read the new chapter here. Khentauree attack the Hollows, but for what purpose? Lapis and Brander discover a new player in Ambercaast, one that seems intent on helping them and their friends, while pulling their strings and pushing them towards a confrontation with the people who modded […]

  • Writing on a Budget: Art Apps

    Sometimes writers draw/illustrate as well as write. Sometimes they illustrate their texts (picture books, graphic novels, illustrated novels). While some photo apps can be used as a drawing app (like Photoshop or Affinity photo), not all are good at it (for instance, Photoshop Elements has no bezier tool, which means it doesn’t have a pen […]