Dark Fantasy Serial Novel

Contains genre-typical violence and adult situations

After reaching the Evenacht upon her untimely death, Vantra joins the hallowed Finders and eagerly Chooses her first Condemned to Redeem. She quickly finds out that neither her mentor, Nolaris, nor the Finder organization and its parent organization, the Hallowed Collective, wants Laken Redeemed. Outrunning her unexpected enemies leads her to the Joyful Caravan, a group of spirits who has no fear of anything associated with the Hallowed Collective.

Vantra and her new allies must discover the resting places of all five of Laken’s sundered spiritual essences, retrieve them, and complete his Recollection before the Finders and the Hallowed Collective, stops them. How far will Vantra go, to Redeem the UnRedeemable?

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Read Evenacht: Snake’s Den

Finder Vantra flees the city of Evening after her mentor, Nolaris, attacks her for Choosing to Redeem an elden Condemned, Laken. As a young ghost in the Evenacht without friends or family support, she has no help in her outrageous endeavor until she stumbled upon the Joyful Caravan. Led by two ancient spirits, Katta and Qira, and the elfine Kjaelle, they decide to aid her in her quest.

To retrieve Laken’s first essence, they must visit the Snake’s Den, a desolate desert filled with danger and deception. If Vantra is to succeed, she must elude the Hallowed Collective’s agents and reach the Snake’s Den ruins first–and then face the Snake.

Vantra and company’s adventures run in Evenacht: Snake’s Den. The serial chapters are released bi-weekly on Fridays by 2:00 PM PST at World Anvil Manuscripts.

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