Lapis of Nicodem

Lapis of Nicodem by Kwyn Marie is a serialized fantasy novel and free to read.
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Lapis joined the rebel cause for one purpose only; to revenge the death of her family on the traitor who betrayed them. Since age twelve, she has trained to that end, hiding her past and the fact she survived in anticipation of catching the man unaware and ending his miserable life. Now, eight years after the horrific slaughter, she has the opportunity. Rebel leadership will inspect the Jiy Rebel House, and the traitor will be with them.

But Lapis is torn. On the streets of the capital city, she has made a new life for herself with the aid of her partner, Patch. She chases criminal stakes for money and teaches orphaned street rats how to read. Should she remain at the House, hoping for a chance to strike the traitor down and perhaps lose her life in the process? Or should she retreat to the city, don her street guise, Lady Lanth, and wait patiently until the unwelcome inspection is complete?

The rebel leadership has another reason for traveling to Jiy, however; an unexpected opportunity to form an alliance with a Dentherion ally against the malicious Jilvayna king has risen. Because of this momentous situation, the rebellion’s official Leader, her brother Faelan, has decided to join the rest of the important members at the House and negotiate the agreement in person. If successful, the alliance would bring support from an empire source who could provide access to illegal yet valuable Dentherion tech, giving the rebels a better chance against Gall and his army. The source is linked to the empire’s rulers and not all leadership members are confident in their sincerity or in Faelan’s push for a collaboration. In such a suspicious and tender environment, realizing her revenge on the traitor becomes a dubious prospect—but Lapis might not have a choice.

Lapis of Nicodem continues with Ambercaast.

For eight years, Lapis had sought vengeance against the rebel traitor who helped Jilvayna’s palace guard invade Nicodem and slaughter her family. Perben is now exposed, but ranking rebels who see their own fates twisted into his try to downplay and ignore his vicious betrayal, and view discrediting and harming her as the solution to their problems. Disgusted, her brother Faelan, Leader of the Rebels, and Midir, the true heir to the Jilvaynian throne, contemplate drastic measures against internal threats.

Lapis wants nothing more to do with the rebellion, but those she cares for are entwined with it. She becomes a reluctant go-between for Faelan and Midir, while attempting to keep her career as a chaser viable and the street rats who visit her reading circle safe. On top of it all, the brewing underwar between opposing criminal enterprises has brought added danger to the streets of Jiy, in the form of syndicate battles and the Dentherion soldiers King Gall enlisted to quell them.

The attempted crackdown on syndicate movement by empire troops endangers the street rats, the rebellion, and the delicate agreement between Faelan and his potential Dentherion ally. Lapis’s partner, Patch, believes the solution lies in Ambercaast, a Taangis Empire ruin where Hoyt, the guttershank who instigated the underwar, fled. Hoyt is staked by the rebellion as well as several criminal syndicates, becoming a tantalizing target for any competent chaser. Patch sees a quick in, a quick out, and a huge payout.

Lapis hopes their stake is as simple as it sounds.

Ambercaast is part of the Lapis of Nicodem serialized fantasy series.