Ambercaast Chapter 28 is Live!

Ambercaast Chapter 28: A Sequence of Unlucky Escapes is Live! And so is the Epilogue; yes, Ambercaast has drawn to a close. But never fear, Lapis and co continue their adventures in Knavish Canto, the first chapter of which will go live on Friday, May 13.

Lapis is certain things are drawing to a close at Ambercaast, but then Tovi finds one of Gedaavik’s secret labs.


Last week Evenacht: Snake’s Den debuted. It’s my new dark fantasy serial, which also runs at World Anvil.

Evenacht is one of the planet Sensour’s lands of the dead. The story takes place in the afterlife, and follows Vantra, a Finder, whose first choice of Condemned to Redeem goes horribly wrong. In fact, more than one entity wants Captain Laken returned to the Fields of the UnRedeemed, and they are willing to send her to the Final Death to accomplish that. Vantra must decide, how far she will go, to Redeem the UnRedeemed.


I’ve changed up the WordPress site, but my main website is going to be at World Anvil.


And that’s all for this update, folks!