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  • Publishing as an Indie Author: Scams

    Publishing as an Indie Author: Scams

    Publishing, and the marketing that goes with it, is hard. Very hard. It isn’t easy to draw attention to your books. Indie authors will use pay services like Bookbub, Reedsy, Allauthor.com, even Goodreads, to gain an edge. I recently read a post by another indie author about her experiences with an indie press. She and […]

  • Writing a Serialized Fantasy

    Writing a Serialized Fantasy

    My Lapis of Nicodem story is a bi-weekly dark fantasy serial. Why did I decide to write a chapter every two weeks? Well, I liked the story, but I didn’t think it would become one of my books. What to do with it, then? I decided to create a serial with it. By August 2020, […]

  • A Thought on Secrets in Storytelling

    A Thought on Secrets in Storytelling

    Been thinking about plot surprises recently. I’ve been watching Fairy Tail, a Japanese anime based on a manga series by Hiro Mashima, because the pandemic has given me an opportunity to watch it where I left off years ago. I like Fairy Tail, a lot. I like the interactions between characters and the focus on […]

  • How I Handle Writer’s Block

    How I Handle Writer’s Block

    When I sit down to the keyboard and begin to type, words flow. I can reach 4000 words in a couple hours on a good day. But on bad days, I stare at the screen and don’t realize I’ve just read the same paragraph ten times without it sinking in. There’s a few things I […]