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  • Ambercaast Chapter 20: Quests and Questions is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 20: Quests and Questions is Live! Lapis and Faelan acquire the scantest of info from Cile, but fortunately Linz and Jetta show up with documents from Danaea’s stash that might have clues as to where the mercs took Rin and Tovi. Lapis refuses to wait any longer to find the kidnapped teens. I […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 19 is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 19: A Jaunty Forest Outing is Live! It’s not a “happy holiday” chapter, since Jilvayna is on a different festive schedule 🙂 Lapis volunteered to go with Cassa on her search for the terron lizard Badger and his advisors but did not expect to confront more khentauree. They find out Badger has agreed […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 18: Threats is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 18: Threats is live! Has the destroyed khentauree emitted a distress signal? Are more machines coming to retrieve it? Lapis spots glints in the distant mountains, just like the cyan reflection produced by the sphere in the destroyed khentauree’s chest–and they’re headed towards the Mawai science station. The community needs to prepare, but […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 16: The First Foray is Live!

    Check out Chapter 16 here. Lapis and Rin rescue a woman named Cassa from mercs who are hunting the two large carrion lizards. She’s very insistent on finding the one in her charge, named Tovi, and Lapis and her companions end up exposed to the Ambercaast ruins before plans are laid to enter them. The […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!. Patch decides the Black Hats can get them to Ambercaast faster than traditional research methods. Lapis is pissed, but has no choice but to go along. Their detention is short-lived; her estranged uncle confronts the mercenaries, and with an offer of cooperation. Lapis joins the preparations for an infiltration […]