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  • Ambercaast Chapter 25: Haunted by Ghost is Live!

    Read here. Lapis and Brander are separated from Linz and Sanna by enemy fire and are forced to find a hiding spot–and the enemy, in turn, is obliterated by an unknown force. Ghost? If so, his attack injured Sanna, and he’s heading towards the pool–and Rin and Tovi. Lapis must race to rescue the teens […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 22: Push and Pull is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 22: Push and Pull is Live! Read the new chapter here. Khentauree attack the Hollows, but for what purpose? Lapis and Brander discover a new player in Ambercaast, one that seems intent on helping them and their friends, while pulling their strings and pushing them towards a confrontation with the people who modded […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 20: Quests and Questions is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 20: Quests and Questions is Live! Lapis and Faelan acquire the scantest of info from Cile, but fortunately Linz and Jetta show up with documents from Danaea’s stash that might have clues as to where the mercs took Rin and Tovi. Lapis refuses to wait any longer to find the kidnapped teens. I […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!. Patch decides the Black Hats can get them to Ambercaast faster than traditional research methods. Lapis is pissed, but has no choice but to go along. Their detention is short-lived; her estranged uncle confronts the mercenaries, and with an offer of cooperation. Lapis joins the preparations for an infiltration […]

  • Ambercaast Chapter 13: Sweet Luck is Live

    Ambercaast Chapter 13: Sweet Luck is now Live! Celebration of 1 year of Lapis of Nicodem storytelling! That’s right, the Lapis of Nicodem serial began Oct. 2, 2020–and oddly, this chapter lined up with the date I chose for Lapis’s birthday. An accident, but Happy Birthday! Thank you to all readers who follow Lapis’s exploits. […]