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  • Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!

    Ambercaast Chapter 15: Cooperation? is Live!. Patch decides the Black Hats can get them to Ambercaast faster than traditional research methods. Lapis is pissed, but has no choice but to go along. Their detention is short-lived; her estranged uncle confronts the mercenaries, and with an offer of cooperation. Lapis joins the preparations for an infiltration […]

  • New Book Ad

    New Book Ad

    Finally got the second Shiobe Rising book ad up, which has the new cover! I’m working on the Trouble in Tindrel ad now. It’s a bit difficult, to come up with music! I’m more of a “put presets together” than a “write your own theme” kind of composer–though I have done that on occasion. And […]

  • A December of #worldember

    A December of #worldember

    Happy New Year, all! Whee! It looks like, if I don’t write anything today, that I’ll have written 25,765 words for #worldember2020. That’s 25 articles during the month of December, in both The Wellspring Dragons world and Lapis of Nicodem world, complete with illustrations. Check out the What’s New at each site for links to […]

  • Original Wellspring Dragons Music

    Original Wellspring Dragons Music

    So I’ve been wanting to do original music pieces for my stories. This is Twilight Mists for The Wellspring Dragons. I was focused on creating a piece that represents Sikode (hero2), but the song was more in line with the twilight mists and the sylfaone (deity) who uses them as a haven. I wanted a […]

  • Lapis of Nicodem: Chapter 3 Available

    Lapis of Nicodem: Chapter 3 Available

    Lapis of Nicodem Chapter 3: Unexpected Ghosts is now available at World Anvil. It’s free to read, so check it out! Blood’s Stone: A Wellspring Dragons Story is also up and free to read at World Anvil. It’s been a busy week! Not only did I publish a short story, a book chapter, I created […]