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  • A December of #worldember

    A December of #worldember

    Happy New Year, all! Whee! It looks like, if I don’t write anything today, that I’ll have written 25,765 words for #worldember2020. That’s 25 articles during the month of December, in both The Wellspring Dragons world and Lapis of Nicodem world, complete with illustrations. Check out the What’s New at each site for links to […]

  • December Writing

    December Writing

    I’ve reached 10K wordcount for #worldember! Onwards to the end December, and maybe 25K! I’ve written entries for both The Wellspring Dragons and Lapis of Nicodem. Check them out! Other things I’ve been doing in December: writing the next two chapters for LoN, and thinking about doing some video presentations about World Anvil and Flowscape. […]