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  • Writing on a Budget: Video and Misc. Apps

    Writing on a Budget: Video and Misc. Apps

    If you write on a budget, you end up doing your own ads. This includes video promotion as well. Videos are no longer just for book trailers. Tik Tok and YouTube are social media powerhouses because people like to watch videos, and so much so, that Instagram is no longer a “picture” app but a […]

  • Writing on a Budget: Graphics

    Writing on a Budget: Graphics

    Authors use graphics for numerous things: ads, videos, illustrations, book covers, Amazon A+ content, logos, their website, and more. Of course, industry-standard software has industry-standard pricing, which puts apps like Photoshop way out of an indie or beginner’s budget. Unfortunately, writers on a budget usually can’t afford to pay for someone else to create book […]

  • Writing on a Budget: Writing Apps

    Writing on a Budget: Writing Apps

    The bane of indies, is it not? A lot of us don’t have a ready stream of cash we can dish out for apps and ads, especially early in our careers. We struggle to do everything–write, edit, design, market. Fortunately, it’s easier now than ever to create and publish our own books. If we don’t […]

  • Plans for 2021

    Plans for 2021

    Time to look to the future (though, y’all have to admit, no one anticipated 2020 going down in that fashion). I have plans! I will continue to release a bi-weekly chapter for my Lapis of Nicodem serial at World Anvil. It’s a dark fantasy where the lead character, Lapis, has spent the last eight years […]

  • NaNoWriMo: An Update

    NaNoWriMo: An Update

    So far, I have written around 23,000 words in November, which includes sparse writing days around the US election. Nervousness can infect creativity and bring it to a standstill, but I persevered. I have finished, but am beefing up, the next chapter in Lapis of Nicodem (LoN) serial, while working on chapters 15, 16 and […]