The Wellspring Dragons

Dark Fantasy Series.

Contains genre-typical violence, domestic violence and adult and sexual situations.

Shiobe wandered the shadowy streets of Iova searching for her dreamed-of dawn–to become a legendary swordswoman. She meets Sikode, and adventure and excitement fall into her lap. Now she had rivals, bloodthirsty enemies, and goes on a quest to master a dragon. What more could a freelance fighter and translator want?

Maybe a few less brushes with death.

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Dawn of Shiobe
Shadows over Tindrel
The Glass Volcano

Shiobe wanders the lower city streets of Iova, alone, the shadows of betrayal swallowing her. Her dreams of becoming a legendary swordswoman have broken on the shattered remains of her ex-friend and ex-lover, who saw court ambition as more attractive than a relationship with her.

Sikode, a foreign spy, offered her the adventure and companionship she desired. She snatched the opportunity, but at what cost?

Accepting her new dawn with Sikode brings the adventure Shiobe craves. A map describing a way into the Glass Volcano, the Flame Dragon’s lair, triggers a quest to achieve Sikode’s lifelong dream of dragon mastery.

But not all goes as planned. Assassins target the Illenan king’s cousin, and Sikode and Shiobe discover the dead Merren despot’s bloodmages are not as vanquished as the Merren and Illenan crowns assumed. With such dire enemies to defeat, how will they reach the Glass Volcano before their Solin rivals?

Neither assassin nor bloodmage prevented Shiobe and Sikode from reaching the Glass Volcano, home to Kykini Cede, Flame Dragon of Kassak. With local climber Ceten as their guide, they enter the volcano in search of the Kandari, the dragon’s controlling artifact.

They are not alone within the dark interior. Rivals for the artifact from Solin and Oritan hound their steps, and enemy bloodmages have tracked Shiobe to the lair, intent on retrieving their sylf-blessed stone she accidentally stole.

Will Shiobe’s knowledge of the lair lead them to the Kandari first?

Shiobe and Sikode’s adventures continue in the upcoming fourth book, The Abyss of Dreams. Accompanied by Ceten, they visit Sikode’s childhood home, which stands in the shadow of the Abyss, the lair of Lajaka, Ice Dragon of Lassa. Anticipating Solin and Oritan interference in their quest for the Vendari, Lajaka’s artifact, they rush to enter the lair–but find that rivals are not their primary enemy.

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